My creativity knows no bounds. A fresh project may stem from a book that sweeps me away, a passing bird, a stirring painting, or a memorable encounter... Essentially, it begins with an experience or an impulse. I am a dreamer led by impulses, and I treasure my boundless imagination. Colors hold significance for me, with each color symbolizing different emotions; for instance, blue signifies inspiration, joy, equilibrium, and serenity in my world.

As a visual artist, I use a camera and various techniques to bring my creative ideas to life. By going through stages of building, refining, breaking down, and rebuilding, I persist until my message transforms into a coherent and visually appealing form. My goal of simplicity involves removing unnecessary components, keeping only the vital essence. This approach acts as a coping mechanism, helping me organize mental clutter and convey my intended message effectively.


kunstroute leiden, 21 & 22 september 2024

Teaser: I'll be showcasing new work! Mixed media canvases,combining photography with sculputuring and painting. My work will be exposed together with artists Wam Groot, Margreet de Groot and Leonie van der Helm in the beautiful spacious pop-uo galery at Oue Rijn 3 in Leiden. Mark your calender and plan your visit!

kultuurmakersgala, 24 mei 2024

On the 24th of May we will go all out in the 'Makerscentrale'! We take you on a journey with light art, poetry, music, theatre, dance and visual arts. I'll be showcasing a part of my series OPEN YOUR INNER EYES in a collab together with Leonie van der Helm.

exposed24, 16 tm 20 May 2024

Exposed exhibits the graduation projects of 2024's 15 Dutch Photo Academy Graduating Students.

#Buurtinbeeld, April 2024

ART route Leiden 23 & 24 september 2023

This year, once more, Frederike's work can be seen during the Leiden Art Route. For this event Frederike will create a special collaboration with artists Wam Groot and Margreet de Groot. Their joint work will show a diversity of art, including graphic works, paintings, photographs and art objects.


The gallery will be open on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September from 10:00 till 18:00h at the Oude Rijn 3 in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Leidsch Dagblad interview met Frederike Fennema
Leidsch Dagblad interview met Frederike Fennema
Leidsch Dagblad interview met Frederike Fennema


UNSEEN WORKS, colloboration with fine-art fotograaf Margreet de Groot.

Expositie fotograaf Frederike Fennema